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healthy lifestyle
Healthy Lifestyle at Fir Tree

We are going to be having a New Year push on healthy lifestyles including healthy eating. Part of this is thinking about healthy lunchboxes. Below are some suggestions of what could be included to make a well-balanced lunchbox for your child. We are asking that parents only send their child in with a healthy snack such as a piece of fruit or cereal bar for breaktime and only one small chocolate biscuit bar or biscuit for lunchtime. Infant children all have access to fruit every breaktime.

A well-balanced, healthy lunchbox would consist of something from each area but only a very small amount from the food groups high in sugar and fat.

Example lunchbox ideas -
A sandwich (not chocolate spread) or a wrap, pitta bread, roll, some cheese and crackers, leftover pasta.

A Small pot of cocktail sausages or something similar
A piece or pot of fruit or cucumber or carrot sticks
A yoghurt product such as a yoghurt pot, frube, a yoghurt drink. A babybel or cheese string.
If you want to give your child a pack of crisps alongside some of the above then that is fine. Only one small biscuit or chocolate biscuit bar such as a penguin or kitkat.
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